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Welcome to the EA Portal!

Students: The UNC Charlotte Education Abroad (EA) Portal is where all student and application information is managed. Here students will be able to access any previous, current or future applications that have been created.

Faculty & Staff: Faculty will be able to review their program proposals and manage student information for those participating in their program. Faculty and staff will also be able to review student applications and submit recommendations or language evaluations within the portal.

Study Abroad 101

As a reminder, completing Study Abroad 101 will be the first required step for all UNC Charlotte students before they're eligible to meet with an Advisor in EA or to begin an EA study abroad application. 101 is a series of modules in Canvas explaining how study abroad works, including information on eligibility, program considerations, types of programs, money matters and more. If you're a UNC Charlotte student and haven't yet completed it, check out our overview of Study Abroad 101 with instructions on how to begin.

How to Apply

In addition to having an account and Advising Application in the EA Portal, students will need to request access to an EA study abroad application for the specific program they intend to apply for when they are ready. Learn more on the EA's How to Apply page here.


We're happy to help. Please contact Education Abroad at 704-687-7747 or